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Glenister gathering 2013
The Glenister event for 2013

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Are you interested?

How would you like to attend a Glenister Gathering in 2013 in New York?

Long-term activist Ruth Glenister, along with Betty Marano and a few others have been discussing the possibility of hosting GG3 in Oswego County, New York (at the end of Lake Ontario), the weekend of the 22nd of June 2013.

Probably most of those attending would be members of their own family who live in or near the area. However, they would like to know if others from a distance would be interested.

This would be the third such event, after GG1 (2003 in the UK) and GG2 (2008 in Australia). They're a great forum for family history enthusiasts or anyone wanting to meet close relatives, to rediscover long-lost relatives, or just find out more about the family.

If you're interested, please let Ruth know by emailing gg2013@glenister.org.

We'll give it a while to see the level of interest, so keep please check back to this page for an update in a month or so.

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