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Books by Glenisters

Archibald Gerald Glenister wrote:

    The Birds of the Malay Peninsula Singapore and Penang first published 1951 by Oxford University Press, reprinted 1955 and 1959, and published in paperback in 1971.The illustrations in colour and monchrome are by his wife, Elizabeth Madeline Earl Glenister.

Sydney Heywood Glenister wrote many books on woodworking:

  • Stories of great craftsmen, with illustrations in half tone and line, [London], G.G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. 1939.
  • Woodcutting machine work, [London], Allen & Unwin, 1948, Series title: New builders' handbook no. 7.
  • The technique of handicraft teaching, with a foreword by H. A. T. Simmonds, [London], G.G. Harrap & Co, 1953.
  • Contemporary design in woodwork, [London], Murray, 1955.
Books about Glenisters
Read "The Spoliers" by Rex Beach, a cowboy western novel whose main character was Rex Glenister. The book was later turned into a film with John Wayne playing the lead role. The book begins:

GLENISTER gazed out over the harbor, agleam with the lights of anchored ships, then up at the crenelated mountains, black against the sky. He drank the cool air burdened with its taints of the sea, while the blood of his boyhood leaped within him.

Read "The Devil's Bride" by Penelope Stratton, a romance whose precis runs:

Lord Rupert Glennister's luck at cards and his tireless sexual appetite were thought to be the work of satanic forces. An outraged society made him an outcast until he could redeem himself by marrying a woman of virtue.
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