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Glenister Information Newsletters
Published on paper in the 1990s

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The Glenister Information Newsletters (GINs) were published in the 1990s on paper.


GIN1 December 1991

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Your contributions welcomed
Researchers news
Areas of interest
Guild of One Name Studies
Origin of the name
The heraldic connection
The medieval connection
A crime of the times
Ancient crimes
Modern crimes
Military matters
My personal interest
Index of Army deaths from the GRO
War memorials
An unusual cemetery
An emigrant at home
Glenisters in business
Glenisters in the street
In the files
A sticking point
Can you help?
GIN2 February 1992

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From the Editor
Long service award
Comings and goings
Offers and enquiries received
Society news
Parish registers of Boxmoor St John
Missing persons
The Cambridge connection
Who's Who
Don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Glenister
Successful connections
League table of Glenister families
Readers comments
My grandfather Alfred William Glenister
The father of the Hastings police force
The Charge of the Light Brigade
Census dates
The footballing Glenister
Death before dishonour
Using a computer for family history
GIN3 December 1992

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The beGINning
The most unusual name so far
Contacts and correspondence
Guild of One Name Studies
...and Questions
What's in the Glenister database
Data Protection Act
Double trouble
The least useful certificate
Glenister certificates from the General Register Office
Memorials in Flanders
Australian burials
Making sense of the census
Go East, young lady
Time Glenisters, please
Coming next
Glenisters in Cambridge in the 13th Century
The writing on the wall
What rhymes with "Glenister"
The Malaysian connection
Glenisters in the street
The man who helped to build his town
The £ note man
Hertfordshire tradesmen in 1839
Finding the relationship
GIN4 May 1993

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The beGINning
Contacts and correspondence
...and Questions
The origin of the name
Dead drunk
Arms and the man
Glenister in Star Chamber in 1579
Confusion down under
The earliest emigrant
The soldier's children
The Boxmoor generation
The lawyer's papers
Glenisters at work
Glennerster graves
Bedfordshire apprentices
The jeweller's question
Making the connection with computers
Probate index for 1992
In the news
GIN5 December 1994

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The inside front page
About the author
Change of address
Contacts and correspondence
Mystery Glenisters in the news
Read any good books lately?
The jeweller’s question answered
More memorials
The Glenister book of records
More Victorian tradesmen
Music, Glenister, please
A credible Scottish link
Telephone numbers for Glenisters
‘Where are they?
Keeping the family in order
The Glenisters of Abbots Langley
Till death us do part
Crafts and arts
Hastings miscellany
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