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News coverage

The Glenister study receives information from many channels - contacts from the internet, letters, phone calls, newspapers.

As I piece the information together, I build a better picture of the family - past and present.

This section gives an indication of the information that arrives, and some of the things I do with it.

News display and selection
News is shown monthly, with an entry for each day that something happened on the study.

You can work through the news month by month, or go directly to the index to select by date, content, or root.

Names of people in the summary link directly to their entry in their family tree. The root entry links to the top of the family tree which is referenced.

The Glenister Information Newsletters (GINs) published on paper in the 1990s are available here.
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20180404It is with deep regret and with a sad and heavy heart that I report the death of Malcolm Glenister on 24 March. Malcolm was a great enthusiast for the Glenister family history and a bit of a powerhouse for digging around, making connections, and writing it all up - particularly for the Hastings dynasty. In that aspect alone he'll be a very tough act to follow, and a loss to the wider Glenister family. My thoughts are with his immediate family at this very difficult time.000448

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