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News coverage

The Glenister study receives information from many channels - contacts from the internet, letters, phone calls, newspapers.

As I piece the information together, I build a better picture of the family - past and present.

This section gives an indication of the information that arrives, and some of the things I do with it.

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You can work through the news month by month, or go directly to the index to select by date, content, or root.

Names of people in the summary link directly to their entry in their family tree. The root entry links to the top of the family tree which is referenced.

The Glenister Information Newsletters (GINs) published on paper in the 1990s are available here.
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20040726Francis Glenister of St Albans, Hertfordshire told me of an error in the GRO index for the birth of Eliza Glenister which is incorrectly shown as Emily. Francis has confirmed the error with the GRO, and hopefully the index will be updated eventually.000943
22Email from Bronwen Thomas of Croydon South, Victoria, Australia to say that the deadline for orders for her book on the Glenister family history is extended until the end of July. 
Email from Elaine Waddington (born Glenister) of Dartford, Kent with a good update on her immediate family tree.002548
18Another email from Roger Stoneham of Wootton, Bedfordshire, with a very useful extract from 1901 census for Luton, Bedfordshire which helped me to make quite a large number of corrections and updates.

I had mistakenly linked the children of George Glenister (1853-1922) and Ann Payne (1855-1925) in root 1016 to another George Glenister (1833-?)in root 255, and we identified two more children of this marriage. These were Lizzie (1878-?) and Stanley (1896-1917).

We also identified two more children of William Glenister (1866-1954) and Eliza Snoxell (1867-1946). These were Mabel Ellen (1891-?) and Arthur (1893-1917).

Both Stanley and Arthur died in the first world and are listed among the Glenister War Dead.

09First email from Paul Wilson of Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, son of Betty Margaret Glennerster with an update on the family tree, the mention of interesting of links to family names Whittingstool, Luker, and Hooker, and the promise of more information to come!002192
08Philip Glenister as Von Rheingarten in Island at War Noted that Philip Glenister plays a leading role in "Island At War" a new six-part TV drama series which aims to highlight the issues faced in the Channel Islands, the only British territory to be occupied by German forces during World War 2 (although the drama is set in the mythical locale of St Gregory). Philip plays German commander Baron Von Rheingarten - pictured right.002548
07First email from Tessa Cox of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, who says "We have recently discovered, rather surprisingly, that my father's grandfather was only a Mattingley because he took his step-father's name. In reality his father was Walter William Glinister who lived in the Whitechapel area of London. " We can trace this family back two more generations so Tessa has suddenly inherited quite a substantial family! More information on the change of name should be coming later. 000597
05First email from Roger Stoneham of Wootton, Bedfordshire, who told me that his mothers cousin, who I had shown as (a) having married and raised a family and (b) being now dead, was in fact (a) very much still alive and (b) had always been single!

It became apparent that I had confused the index entries for two people with identical - and very distinctive - names. Roger also gave me a further update to the family tree, adding seven previously unlinked entries with a corresponding reduction in the dataheap.

01We made a major step forward in making the connection between the main branch of the Glenister family in South Africa - descending from William George Glenister (1832-1902) - and its origins in England.

The key point was the discovery by Kay Cullen of Amersham, Buckinghamshire some two years ago of the baptism of Henry Glenister in 1806 at Wooburn, Buckinghamshire. We have since determined that Henry later moved to London where he raised a family (William, another son Henry, and two daughters, Emma and Hannah), served as a City of London policeman, and died in 1840. William emigrated to South Africa, but kept the links with his family back in England by giving his children with the surnames of their uncles back in Buckinghamshire - Whitehall, Muirhead, and Scotcher.

This combined family tree - which includes the South African branch researched by Dave Glenister of Somerset West, South Africa and the Australian branch researched by Bronwen Thomas of Croydon South, Victoria, Australia - is by far the largest single family tree, with links to the UK, USA, Ausralia, Samoa, and South Africa.


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