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 Richard Glenister (rino 1624)  Kathleen Glenister (rino 1791)  John Glenister (rino 4149)  Marion Glenister (rino 1625)  Alan Glenister (rino 1790)  Jim Glenister (rino 4165)  Helen Glenister (rino 1793)  David Glenister (rino 1792)  Clare Glenister (rino 4210)  Simeon Glenister (rino 4804)  Mark Glenister (rino 4267)  Richard Glenister (rino 4569  Faye Glenister (rino 5033)  Peter Glenister (rino 5464)  Carl Glenister (rino 1518)  Scott Conger (rino 8440)  Daryl Young (rino 1540)  Ernie Glenister (rino 2611)  Jennifer Glenister (rino 1539)  Edward Glenister (rino 5031)  Carol Glenister (rino 1538)  Derek Young (rino 8474)

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Family group 001016 - medium


Row 1

Richard Glenister (rino 1624), Kathleen Glenister (rino 1791), John Glenister (rino 4149), Marion Glenister (rino 1625), Alan Glenister (rino 1790)

Row 2

Jim Glenister (rino 4165), Helen Glenister (rino 1793), David Glenister (rino 1792), Clare Glenister (rino 4210)

Row 3

Simeon Glenister (rino 4804), Mark Glenister (rino 4267), Richard Glenister (rino 4569)

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Photo reference : root001016700

Date : 28 jun 2003

Place : Glenister Worldwide Gathering 2003, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

Photo from: www.gillmanandsoame.co.uk

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