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..these people with Glenister links?
I'd be very interested in any information you can provide to answer these questions. Please contact me if you can help.
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Are you a Glenister? Do you know a Glenister? Have you seen a mention of a Glenister anywhere? I'd be interested in any mention of any Glenister any time any place any where.

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Glenister Tan Huck Pin, Engineering student in Singapore

Who is Glenister Tan Huck Pin, the third year engineering student (eng30171) at University of Singapore in 1995?

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William Glenister, Architect, Great Yarmouth, (?-1850)

Who was the William Glenister found in this extract from Chronological Retrospect of the History of Yarmouth From A.D. 46 to 1877 By William Finch-Crisp

Deaths 1850

March 21st, William Glenister, Esq., architect.

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Glenister Alphonso Henry, Farmer, Jamaica

What is the link with between the Glenister family and Glenister Alphonso Henry found in this extract from a "who's who" in Jamaica

HENRY, Bernard St. Aubyn, M.B.A. (Hons.) B.S. (Chem.). Businessman. Managing Director, Everything Nice Limited since 1991. Organizations: Director, Everything Nice Ltd., The Reyford Ltd., Instore Support Services Ltd., Reyford Investments Ltd., Fruits of Newell Ltd.; Member, Munro College Board of Governors, Bethlehem Community College Advisory Committee; Chairman, St. Elizabeth Community Development Fund; Born: Ealing, England, January 7, 1964; son of Glenister Alphonso Henry, Farmer, and Delores Henry, Business-woman. Educated: DeCarteret College, Munro College; University of Miami. Career: Marketing Officer, Grace, Kennedy & Co. Ltd. 1987; Brand Manager and Sales Manager (Cold Storage), Grace, Kennedy & Co. Ltd. 1988; Divisional Manager (Agriculture), Hardware & Lumber Ltd. 1988-91. Awards: International Business Plan Competition - Silver Medal, University of Miami 1987; Chairman’s Award, Hardware & Lumber 1990. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Verna A. Wisdom, 3rd February 1994, 1 son, 1 daughter Interests: Music, Dominoes, Sports; Current affairs; Church and Community work. Club: Liguanea. Address: (business) Treasure Beach, P.O. Box 45, St Elizabeth; Tel: 997-6703; (residence) Malvern, St. Elizabeth.

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