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..to the Glenister family history site
This site is dedicated to the Glenister family history and world wide one name study

Please delve into the details of the people, places and things associated with Glenister families past and present.

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Arms of Tony Glenister The coat of arms of Tony Glenister (1923-1998)
Earliest mention
The earliest mention of the name is in the period 1282-1349
Oldest tree
The oldest Glenister family tree traces back to 1573 covering 15 generations with 1,108 people.
Largest tree
The largest Glenister family tree traces back to 1713 covering 13 generations with 2,886 people
My own family tree traces back to 1750 covering 11 generations with 900 people
BoarA boar emblem is associated with the Glenister arms and may serve as a family badge.
Check out Glenister place names like this in London, SE1 Glenister Road, London SE1

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