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The tree index is shown below. Notes on the shown data and how to use it are at the bottom of the page.

Much of the information is incorporated into the family trees which I have developed. I believe the family trees to be correct, but in some cases the tree includes relationships based on assumptions derived from my analysis of the available data.

I would be pleased to receive feedback with notes of any errors or omissions which are apparent and will make corrections as they are known.

The family trees can be viewed here in the form of a descendancy chart. You can read a description of how to interpret the charts, including the structure, format, and meaning of references and dates within it.

You can also read an explanation of how to find the relationship between people in the same chart.

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Further information
Tree index
RootxHusband and wifeOriginFromToGenIndMarNotes
000943William Glenister + Annice RobinsonBKM-Winslow1573202016958496 **Aylesbury, USA
000255Matthew Glenister + Elizabeth ShadHRT-Hemel Hempstead1598202016815420Luton branches
002548Michael Glenister + Susannah HumphreyHRT-Aldbury171320211323841207 **Wooburn, South Africa, Australia, Samoa, USA
005327John Glenister + Hannah ParsonsBKM-Chesham17502021121252719 **Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire
001016William Glenister + Martha FrancisHRT-Bovingdon1719201912593355Canada
002192John Glenister + Mary BakerHRT-Watford1760201710458232Shropshire, Midlands
000448Thomas Glenister + Anne RolfeHRT-Tring17602020101086585 **The Hastings dynasty
000311William Glenister + Elizabeth KingHRT-Flaunden1751202110414237Yorkshire, Staffordshire
019967Edward Glinister + MaryMDX Pinner179020199245126 **Pinner MDX, Lambeth SRY
008252Benjamin Lovel Pain + Ann GoingBKM-Wavendon1774202099852Maternal line
007488George GlanisterNTH-Northampton17852020920898 **Northamptonshire, Lancashire
001325John Glenister + Mary SmithBKM-Amersham177120219402213
000500Sibley Glenister + Ann LawHRT-Bovingdon17782019911767Canada
004668Daniel Glenister + EllenHRT-Berkhamsted1796201686733 **High Wycombe
003509George Glenister + SarahMDX-Pinner181620198363212
003427John Glenister + Mary BirdHRT-Hertford17882019816285
003339James Glenister + Shelomith GurneyHRT-Tring178320208269162
001671Thomas Glenister + Elizabeth HesterBKM-Amersham18042016813682Violin maker
000718Joseph Glenister + Sophia HesterBKM-Chenies1803201789245
000670John Glenister + RebeccaMDX-Marylebone179320198200131
000601James Glenister + Mary IvesLND-Newgate1777200387445
000597Edmund Glinister + Mary DyerHRT-St Albans17812021813070
000548Daniel Glenister + Maria EastBKM-Chesham17982017816497Leicestershire
000470John Glenister + Betsey TourneyBKM-Chesham178120198376210Swansea, Llanelli
000425Henry Glenister + Elizabeth WingfieldHRT-Northchurch17822020812965
005476James Glenister + Susannah UnknownMDX-St Pancras1823201377237
005186John Glennister + Hannah OsborneMDX-Finchley182720197296166Barnet, Middlesex
004671Thomas GlenisterLND-Holborn18072015710558
002506Jacob BeuscherBKM-Wavendon1847202174325Spouse line
001984Joseph Glenister + Mary UnknownBKM-Buckland1788201473720
001761Joseph Glenister + Leah UnknownBDF-Luton1801200978650
000622William Glenister + Ann AllisonHRT-Northchurch1796201772619
006396Tom Glenister + Unknown UnknownDOR-Christchurch1858201762114
002025John Glenister + Unknown UnknownHRT-Berkhamsted181119796128
000441Henry Glenister + Sophia BatemanHRT-Great Gaddesden1797200963612
009241Alexander GlenisterOVS-Jamaica186220065189Jamaica
005125Arthur Harvey Glenister + Frances SpicerSFK-Melton1909200452714Possible Irish origin
009386Henry Wallace Glenister + Gertrude HendersonENG19102003476UK emigrants to Canada
000584Edmond Glenister + Mary EastBDF-Caddington169218684125Very small branch
001140Owen Glenister + Mary SpurrHRT-Abbots Langley17541826363
000573Daniel Glenister + Eliza BeesonBKM-Chenies18281888352
000492James Glenister + Eliza GristwoodHRT-St Albans180519253126
001133Robert Glenister + Mary CrawleyBDF-Studham17941891262
001110William Glenister + Catherine SmithBDF-Ivinghoe17541770271
000766Nathan Glenister + Mary Ann UnknownSRY-Lambeth18201894261
000638John Glenister + Lydia MeadBKM-Latimer17821797251
000610John Glenister + Ann BellHRT-Abbots Langley17771784241
000591Edmund Glenister + Helen MitchillBKM-Datchworth16921699251
000578Daniel Glenister + Sarah HornHRT-Northchurch17921832252
000536Elijah Glenister + Hannah HomanHRT-Northchurch177618092111
000096John Glenister + Mary UnknownBKM-Chesham17681777241
000086Edmond Glenister + Elizabeth LongeHRT-Berkhamsted15841628262Early Berkhamsted
Rootthe reference number of the root of the tree
Namesthe names of the earliest husband and wife in the tree
Originwhere the earliest event in the tree took place.
All places are in the UK. Places are shown in the format county-town. County is shown as a three letter abbreviation using standard codes (BS6879:1987).
Fromthe earliest date in the tree
Tothe latest date in the tree
Genthe number of generations the tree covers
Indthe number of family members (direct and spouses) in the tree
Marthe number of marriages in the tree
NotesComments on the scope of content of the tree. Additional information may also be present, and this is indicated by an initial ** Positioning the cursor over the ** will show the information (depending on your browser).

The index can be sorted in order of any column by clicking on the column heading.
Clicking on the heading again will switch the sort order between ascending and descending

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