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009025 Frederick William Glenister
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Newspaper report
From Bucks Herald dated Saturday 3 January 1874

Petty Sessions, Wednesday December 31

Before Capt. Parkinson and Capt. J Fuller

Frederick William Glenister, aged 17, was charged with stealing on the 24th ult. From the premises of Mr. J. Climpson, the following articles: - 1 coat, 1 pair of trousers, 2 vests, 1 scarf, 1 hat, 1 pair of gloves, 1 handkerchief, 1 pair of cuffs, 14 collars, 1 piece of ribbon, 7 reels of cotton, 6 buttons, 1 knife, 1 pair of boots, 4 neckties, 2 socks, 1 hat brush, 1 yard measure, 2 watchguards, 3 sets of shirt studs and links, and 15s. 5d. in cash.

The prisoner pleaded guilty.

Mr John Climpson, draper, Church Street, Chesham, said the prisoner entered his services early in the month of January 1873, and was apprenticed to him on the 7th of March following, and he had given him sixpence a week for pocket money. On the 24th ult. A parcel was brought to his shop which aroused his suspicions. Upon opening it he found it to contain a coat, a pair of trousers, new boots, &c. The articles then produced were the same. He gave information to the police and had Glenister taken into custody.

Mr John Crook, shoemaker, High-street, Chesham, said he was in the habit of attending the market at Hemel Hempstead, with a boot stall. On the 24th ult. He took a parcel to Hempstead for the prisoner, addressed, to be left till called for, but as it was not enquired for during his stay, Mr. Crook brought it back and sent it to Mr. Climpson. The parcel produced was the one that he had referred to.

J, Moore, Inspector of Police, said - On receiving information on the 24th. ult., he went to the residence of Mr. Climpson, and charged the prisoner with stealing various articles of clothing, but he did not make any reply. He took him into custody and found a new vest upon him which was claimed by Mr. Climpson. In his bedroom were found a new pair of socks, a pair of gloves, reels of cotton, a new hat, four neckties, a hat brush, and two watchguards.

Two letters were produced, written by the prisoner, one of which was addressed to Mr. Climpson, purporting to have come from an uncle in London, stating that he had presented Frederick with a new suit of clothes, to be worn upon holidays and special occasions.

Mr. Climpson came forward and expressed a desire that the Bench would deal as mildly as they could with the lad on account of his youth.

The prisoner was sentenced to three calendar months imprisonment, with hard labour.

Prison records
Register number 5926, Division B, Ward 1, Cell 15

Admitted - 3.40 pm - 31 December 1873


  • Age - 16
  • Height - 5ft 6in
  • Complexion - fair
  • Hair - Brown
  • Eyes - Grey
  • Face - Oval
  • Health - Good
  • Features - Scar on right thumb
  • Conditiion - Clean
  • Status - Single
  • Education - Well instructed

Discharged - 30 March 1874 - Good conduct in prison

Frederick William Glenister
Frederick William Glenister

Photographed on admission to Aylesbury Gaol, 31 December 1873

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