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From the Bucks Examiner 28 November 1997

Buck's Examiner's 'Mr Countryside'

Chesham has lost a champion of its countryside with the death of Examiner columnist Bob Glenister

Clifford Geoffrey (bob) Glenister, 68, of New Footpath, died on Wednesday last week. His beloved dog Zena passed away a few hours later. The Basenji bitch, aged almost 15, had been his constant companion on walks in the area as Mr Glenister gathered information for his Countryside Notes column in the Examiner.

Mr Glenister, who had been ill for some time, only ceased writing his popular column four months before his death after delighting readers for 20 years.

His son Bruce, speaking of the coincidental death of Zena, said "Maybe the dog did know something. She died after him but had been taken in to see him."

Mr Glenister, brother Horace and sister Gwen all grew up with a love of the countryside as their father had been a farm worker in the area. Mr Glenister turned the interest into a full-time pursuit as the years passed.

A former carpenter and joiner, Bob Glenister went on to lecture in the trades to the City and Guilds students at Willesden, London. He became a warden for The Woodland Trust and an active member of the Chesham and District Natural History Society.

"He was very observant and knowledgeable about the countryside. People would stop him in the street and ask him things', said his brother Horace. 'It's true to say he was a champion of the countryside. He was the Gilbert White of the local area."

Mr Glenister's widow Grace added: 'I think people will definitely miss him and the knowledge he had of the environment.'

Mr Glenister also had two grandchildren, Justin and Leon.

A funeral service for Mr Glenister will be held at 11.30am today at Chilterns Crematorium, Amersham.

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