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The study uses data which has been collected from many sources. Almost all the data is available from public sources which include:.
  • the UK General Register Office
  • the UK Principal Probate Registry
  • the UK Public Record Office
  • UK electoral registers

Other data is contributed by members of the Glenister families.

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At the last count the data included:
  • 8,208 records of birth, marriage and death covering 1837-1994
  • 600 copies of birth, marriage and death certificates
  • 601 records of wills and administrations covering 1857-1994
  • 1,174 records from censuses covering 1841-1891
  • 1,564 records from parish records covering 1522-1930
  • 1,438 records from electoral registers
  • 8,239 individuals arranged into 56 family trees

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In the interests of personal privacy, I do not publish on the web site details of the address or telephone numbers of living people (even though address information is already published elsewhere), or details of occupation (unless this information is already published elsewhere).

However I may make such information available to bona fide members of the family on request.

I do publish the basic civil registration information which is in the public domain - in the UK this includes details of the year and quarter and place of registration of birth, marriage and death.

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