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About the study
Scope, goals, objectives and connections

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Who it covers
In defining the scope of the study, I have adopted a simple rule to include only people who bore the name Glenister, whether by birth, marriage, or adoption. Within the definition of the name Glenister I have included any spelling variations for example (in approximate order of frequency):
  • Glenister
  • Glinister
  • Glennerster
  • Glennister
  • Glanister
  • Glenester

Of course, rules are made to be broken, and I have a second rule which tells me when I can break the first rule.

Although I generally omit the parents of females who marry Glenister males, or any offspring of married natural Glenister females, the second rule allows me to make exceptions for cases of special interest.

For instance, I welcome information relevant to people who are researching the Glenister family although they need not necessarily be part of it.

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The primary goals of the study are:
  • to trace my own Glenister line to 1538
  • to trace other notable Glenister lines as far as reasonably possible
  • to identify the earliest occurrence of the Glenister name

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To achieve this I have set the following objectives:
  • to establish a comprehensive bank of information about all Glenisters
  • to establish the family relationships of all Glenisters in the data bank
  • to facilitate the research of other Glenister family history researchers
  • to act a clearing house for relevant information
  • to publish information on areas of interest to Glenister researchers
  • to publicise the study to relevant audiences using printed directories (eg Genealogical Research Directory) and online search engines (eg AltaVista, Yahoo)

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The study has established connections with a number of other groups and people, both for general interest in family history, and for specific interest in the Glenister family.
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