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How the data and the site are managed

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What's here
Structure, assumptions, corrections
The raw data is recorded, classified, analysed and structured into family trees. For example, the GRO records of birth show the mother's maiden name, and the records of marriage show the spouses name. So sometimes it can be easy to identify to which marriage the children belong. Also GRO records of death show the age at death, or the date of birth. So again it can sometime be easy to match the records of birth and death.

I try to ensure that data is accurate, but occasionally I do make mistakes, and I am always ready to receive corrections to the data. Typical causes of errors are confusing two or more people who share the same name, or in connecting children to the wrong parents when there multiple marriages to spouses with the same surname.

Of course, I am also pleased to receive additional information related to any aspect of the study.

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From database to web site
The data is moved from my main database to the web site, where it is made available to the world. The database is usually updated very soon after fresh information is received, and the web site is updated later, so there is perhaps a delay before the web site catches up.

As I update the web site, I make a note in the site's news pages, so visitors can keep track of what's happening.

The web site's search facility is based on an index which is updated every week, very early on Sunday mornings. This index may also be updated after I have major change to the web site which affects a significant amount of data.

The news page and all the family tree pages have a 'change detection' facility which visitors can use to be notified by email when I make a change to a page in which they are interested.

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Managing the data
Keeping control of all this data can be difficult. I keep most of the data on my home computer and manage it with a number of different tools.
  • Microsoft Access 2013 to record raw data
  • Personal Ancestral File (PAF) to record data which has been structured into family trees
  • Microsoft Access 2013 to process data from PAF into family trees
  • Microsoft Access 2013 to produce and manage web pages

I also have a mountain of paper records which I manage with paper clips, staples, envelopes and folders!

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